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Unhardcode search map walk sounds to anitnsnd.2da (TobEx feature)

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Search map (SR.BMP files associated with areas) can have different colours (reference numbers of the search map) that represent type of ground. Here is what each colour means:
EE engine has hardcoded search map walk sounds which makes some of the references not really usable. The most needed one (due to how often areas from IWD are reused in BG mods) is 11 - yellow colour (snow). In EE engine it uses the same walk sound as 12 - deep water (WAL_01), so when you walk on snow you can hear laud water splashes instead of walk on snow sounds.

To solve this problem TobEx externalized search map walk sounds into anitnsnd.2da. Please implement this feayure in EE games or at least change the duplicated WAL_01 assignment on slot 11 into unique sound (with 4 variants).

Topic on Beamdog forums: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/46632/externalize-search-map-walk-sounds-to-anitnsnd-2da

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