Bug #30688

Content of stores and container items should not be reset when entering the Modron Maze

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1. Unpack the attached testbag.zip into the game's override folder.
2. Start a new game and finish conversation with Morte.
3. Go to the container at x=1400, y=2100 and take the two bandages.
4. Create "Pouch" container item: C:CreateItem("testbag")
5. Open the pouch to see the initial content (two spell scrolls).
6. Put the bandages into the pouch and close the container.
7. Enter console command: C:Eval('GenerateModronMaze()')
8. Open the pouch to see the current content.

The bandages have been removed. Only the original content of the bag is available.

The bandages should still be in the container item.

The bug is triggered when the original store item is present in the override folder of the game. In this case "GenerateModronMaze()" appears to reset the store to the content of the original file.

Internal report #30689.

testbag.zip (477 Bytes) Daniel Rehr, 04/22/2017 08:32 AM


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