Bug #30554

Quest: Landrin's Possessions is never marked "Finished"

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  1. Load the attached save.
  2. Go upstairs and talk to Landrin to obtain her quest (Enter).
  3. Speak to Landrin three times more (Enter each time).
  4. From the Journal screen (J), locate and open "Landrin's Possessions" quest.

Landrin has several quests, one of which remains open.

Landrin should have one quest, which should be complete.

Internal report #30722

Original report:
After returning the boots, spider body, and wine, the quest is finished but is not marked as such in the journal. This quest also has a problem where if a player drinks the wine then it can never be completed.

000000038-Landrin quest upstairs.zip (95.1 KB) Richard Hilton, 04/26/2017 08:40 AM

Baldr002.jpg (60.1 KB) Richard Hilton, 04/26/2017 08:44 AM


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Fixed in build v2.5.7.0

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