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Corwin should start a dialogue and not keep stopping

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  1. Load the attached save game.


Corwin is trying to initiate dialogue with Charname but fails.


Corwin starts dialogue with the line "You handled that well, <CHARNAME>. I feared you'd be much harsher with her." (string 58833)


Corwin has the local bd_corwin_skie_comment set to 1 in the save game. I'd recommend removing the trigger AreaCheck("bd4000") from BDCORWIJ.DLG, state 157 but another solution is to add the area check to BDCORWIN.BCS instead.

Internal report #30983.

000000422-Corwin.zip (831 KB) Anders Svensson, 05/25/2017 03:41 AM


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Can be resolved by visiting Dragonspear Castle for a few seconds.
Corwin has a local variable BD_CORWIN_SKIE_COMMENT set to 1.

bdcorwin.bcs check for Global("bd_corwin_skie_comment","locals",1) may need AreaCheck("bd4000") adding, or AreaCheck("bd4000") removing from her dialogue condition, or similar.

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Original report:
Once per round Corwin will stop and face the PC. It seems as though she is trying to initiate dialogue. Trying to talk to her, kicking her from the party or killing her or saving and loading has not changed her actions. I don't have a save prior to her current actions.

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