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Standing on or near a trapped container should not show Ground Items

Added by Barry Wadey about 3 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Observed: Ajantis is standing near a trap at the end of the prologue dungeon of SOD. The trap has not been deactivated. Each character aside from the first has an unusual message in the inventory screen: 'The container you are standing on or near is trapped'. I've never seen this before. Also, Ajantis can 'see' several 80x Arrow Of Fire +2 stacks on the ground. No other character can see these and they can't be picked up.

Expected: There should not be a message in the inventory of the characters. The Arrow Of Fire+2 should not be on the ground as they don't exist.

1. Put the override contents in your override
2. Load the attached save file
3. Pause the game
4. Press I
5. Note the character screen says Paused for the first NPS
6. Click Ajantis
7. Note the message: 'The container you are standing on or near is trapped'
8. Note the ground contents
9. Click each character in turn.
10. Check to see if the items on the ground can be picked up
11. Come out of the inventory and check if the Arrows Of Fire+2 actually exist anywhere.

I suspect Ajantis/others are 'seeing' the trap as ground items.

NOTE - The first character is a thief and can disable the traps if needed. Also, the screenshot is from Pecca's mod however the same issue presents in vanilla unmodded game.

Internal Report #33001

Problem.zip - Save File and Additional Bags Of Holding to go in override (813 KB) Barry Wadey, 08/20/2016 08:49 AM

Baldr349.bmp - Screenshot of what Ajantis can see (5.93 MB) Barry Wadey, 08/20/2016 08:50 AM

Baldr353.bmp - Vanilla Unmodded screenshot (5.93 MB) Barry Wadey, 08/20/2016 08:55 AM


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Added Vanilla Unmodded screenshot:

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EDIT2 - Noticed another bug in Baldr353.bmp - the alignment of the textbox on the top right detailing armor class breakdown is slightly off due to the scrollbar (I think). The first letter of each line overlaps the left hand border of the window.

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