Bug #24254

The Tale of Captain Brage quest should not remain open if he is returned to the temple

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1. Load the attached save.
2. Speak to Volo to obtain the captain of the guard journal entry (2, 2).
3. Exit the inn and move to the edge of the map (Ctrl/j).
4. Travel to the west-most destination below Candlekeep).
5. Walk west and respond to Laryssa (1).
6. Respond to Brage and return him to the temple (4, 1).
7. Click through the temple dialogue (enter's).
8. From the Journal (J), review the quests for Captain Brage.

Brages' Life Spared has been created and closed, The Tale of Captain Brage is open and empty.

There should only be one journal entry which is closed and contains suitable text.

Internal report #24264

The empty quest is removed if the game is saved and reloaded at this point.

Killing Brage sees no spared journal entry, and the tale journal entry is marked as finished with "... For better or worse, Brage has been dealt with".

Original report:
After hearing about Captain Brage in Nashkel and the two options to turn him in (either to the Barracks to be executed or to the temple) I found him and took the decision to escort him to the temple.

In the Journal under Quests the entry "Brage´s life spared" appeared and was correctly marked as finished.

However the other entry regarding Brage "The Tale of Captain Brage" is still listed among the quests and is neither marked as finished, nor does it contain any text.

IMO the solution would be to either remove that entry or mark it as finished too, as soon a Brage is returned to the temple.

000000032-Brage.zip (129 KB) Richard Hilton, 06/16/2016 04:21 AM


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Journal entry looks to be removed next time the game is loaded, but raising anyway.

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