Bug #24121

[Pathfinding] Party members should not get stuck when moving around objects

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Target version:2.4
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1. Load the attached BG2 save.
2. Send Jaheira to the potions on the ground (2 > click on potion).

Jaheira gets stuck part-way to the potions.

Jaheira should walk to the potions so they can be picked up.

Possibly linked to #11100 #11101 and #11227
Selecting either of the other party members works fine, can be tested by reloading the save.

Original forum report: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/38620/11229-party-members-should-not-get-stuck-when-moving-around-objects

Internal ticket: #11229

000005451-Bumpy path Coronet.zip (163 KB) Richard Hilton, 01/13/2015 05:01 PM


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Fixed in v2.4.68.2.

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