Bug #23669

Story Mode protections should apply to the Familiar as well as party members

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  1. Start a new BG:SoD Game
  2. Create a New Mage or Sorcerer Class Character.
  3. During Spell selection, make sure to take "Find Familiar" from the level 1 spells.
  4. Select "Story Mode" as your Difficulty.
  5. Start a new game, skip the opening sequence and conversation with Imoen.
  6. Move up to the bridge across the chasm in the first floor of the Safehouse.
  7. Cast "Find Familiar" on the main character.
  8. Move the familiar across the bridge and attack the group.
  • Familiar will get squashed in a matter of seconds.
  • CHARNAME will lose Constitution and HP for the loss of his/her familiar.
  • Unlike other summoned creatures, a familiar comes with a significant downside to losing them, if the player is playing on story mode, the invulnerability protection really needs to apply to the familiar as well as the Player/NPC Party Members.

Internal reports #23552 (BG1) and #23723 (BG2)

  • It is NOT expected that other non-permanent summoned creatures are protected (such as those summoned with Monster Summoning 1 or the Shaman Dance)...but the mage's familiar is a special case.


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