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Text in the dialogues

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1.The new version has corrected many errors, it will be so grateful. But I bought the game a month ago and still can not fully play it because of the problems of localization.
More in screenshots.

2.Additional bug was present in previous versions, but I forgot to tell her - in his opening speech, no language (Ukrainian and Russian) instead offscreen voice says in English. The text is displayed correctly.

I have GOG, clean version of the game without any mods v2.1.63.2.

Baldur 2016-05-07 20-55-00-933.jpg - Dialogue (521 KB) Did Kokos, 05/07/2016 02:51 PM

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Placeholder text is reported as #22183
Ukranian vo is reported as #11152

n.b. please keep to one issue per report as it is easier to keep public reports up to date with progress.

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All Ukrainian issues reported here were already fixed in update v2.2.66.0 from May 17, 2016.

The offscreen voice in the opening speech being in English was fixed by internal report #11898, not #11152.

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