Bug #23140

Caelar should have her correct rare selection sounds

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  1. Go to Options -> Sound, set the voice volume to 100%
  2. Start a new SoD game with Abdel
  3. Ctrl+K on Safana to make room for Caelar
  4. Ctrl+Space -> Travel to BD4700
  5. When the dialog begins, respond to Caelar so she joins the party: 2 > 1
  6. Click 9 times on Caelar's portrait to hear her normal selection sounds
  7. Click 4 more times on her portrait to hear her rare selection sounds

Caelar's 4 rare selection sounds are command sounds ("Agreed." - "At once!" - "Without fail." - "Trust me."). Her actual rare selection sounds are never heard.

You should hear Caelar's 4 rare selection sounds:
"For the glory of the Morninglord." - "What do you demand of a daughter of Argent?" - "I am an aasimar. A child of the heavens. You would do well to heed me." - "I... have... THE POWER!"

Internal report #22315

This is a continuation of ticket #21226: Caelar's sounds were only fixed in her creature files BDCCCAE and BDCAELAR, but not in BDCAELA3.

Caelar's soundset can be looked up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fuKwcsis5Y9IcR0Aucg17Uw0AnUV0T3Qi73g55t8MV8/edit#gid=13.


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Fixed in v2.2.64.1.

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