Bug #23138

(Area) BD7230 - Open cage doors should not be difficult to click on

Added by Richard Hilton over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

Status:Closed - FixedStart date:04/02/2016
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  1. Start a new game
  2. Ctrl+Space -> Travel to BD7230 -> Explore
  3. C:CreateItem("bdkey11")
  4. Ctrl+J to [2160.600]
  5. Open the cage doors
  6. Press Tab to see the door overlays
  7. Try to close the cage doors

The cage doors are difficult to close because the overlays are hard to click on. The overlays only cover the cage bars.

The doors should be easy to click on. The overlays should cover the whole doors.

Internal report #22233

When closed, the overlays correctly cover the whole doors. It should be the same when opened. See the attached screenshot.
Split from #19022.

cage_doors.jpg - screenshot (152 KB) Filip Flechtner, 04/02/2016 07:30 PM


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Fixed in v2.2.64.1.

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