Bug #23137

On Boarevsky Bridge, it is possible to trigger the Water Golum and Bhaal Lightning Strike simultaneously

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#Load attached save game
#Select Corwen and click on well
#Click on well. Choose Option 4.
#Have Corwen drop mace in the well
#Pause game
#Select Charname. Have Charname cross Bridge
#Unpause game

Well Spirit begins to materialize when lightning strike Cut Scene happens as normal, with entire party relocated on bridge. The party can then continue walking across the bridge and encounter the Well Spirit.

Well Spirit and Lightning Strike should not be able trigger simultaneously.

Internal report #22056

This effect can be delayed further. You can have speak with and be attacked by Well Spirit, then cross the bridge and observe entire party reconvene via Cut Scene.

000000111-bridge crossing and well spirit.zip (411 KB) Scott David, 03/29/2016 04:49 PM


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