Bug #23132

[SDD223c] Journal Entry 50750 should not be empty when Khalid refuses to pay you for the Aquamarine.

Added by Richard Hilton over 3 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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  1. Start a new game with the Abdel pregen.
  2. B->1->4->2 to skip to Chapter 9
  3. C:CreateItem("bdmisc51") To create the Wardstone to enter Bridgefort.
  4. C:MoveToArea("bd2000") To move to Boarskyr Bridge.
  5. Ctrl-J to [3200,3200] - Area near Crusade Fort
  6. Crusaders initiate conversation, choose all 1's.
  7. Attack Crusaders to Start Battle for Bridgefort.
  8. Move through camp, Ctrl-Y all hostiles till cutscene of retreat.
  9. Move up toward bridgefort till you see Khalid
  10. Converse with Khalid and choose option 3: "You seem anxious, Khalid..."
  11. Continue conversation with Khalid by choosing all 1's.
  12. Talk to Khalid so he says "My friend? A m-moment of your time?" and respond (all 1's).
  13. Talk with Khalid and choose option 1 to have Khalid join your group.
  14. C:CreateItem("bdsilk01")
  15. Khalid initiates conversation with you. Choose all 1's.
  16. B->1->2->2 to skip to Chapter 10 and the ASC
  17. Respond to Nederlok 1, 1, 1.
  18. C:SetGlobal("BD_Plot","GLOBAL",305)
  19. Respond to Khalid and agree to find an aquamarine (all 1's).
  20. B->2->2->7->2->8 to change Charisma to 9.
  21. C:CreateItem("Misc33")
  22. Talk with Khalid and request 200gp for the gem (1, 2, 3).
  • Player Journal shows STRREF 61778 "Anniversary Gift (Finished)"
  • Opening that Journal Entry shows only the header "Khalid Refused to Pay Me" in dark text with a "down" arrow indicating more text to open.
  • Clicking the arrow to open the journal entry shows only the date/time in red, there is no additional text.
  • Date and time should be attached to the "Khalid Refused to Pay Me" Entry if there is no additional text to show...there should be no "open" to get More information since there is no more information.

Internal report #21715

  • This is a visual/expectation issue only. There looks to be missing text for a journal entry since you can expand the "Khalid refused" entry, but when you do there's no text under it.
  • We should either:
    • Write some additional descriptive text if "Khalid refused" is going to be the title (dark) entry
    • Or we should make the "Khalid Refused" In red with date and without a header.
    • Or we should simply copy the text from "Khalid Refused" and put it as the same text when you open the journal entry (in red) so it looks intentional that this is the only information a player should get.


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