Bug #23131

[SDD201b] Journal Entry should not be missing and should be given to the player as specified in the MDD.

Added by Richard Hilton over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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  1. Create a new game using Abdel pregen
  2. Use Ctrl +B to advance to chapter 2
  3. Say to Bence (1,e,e)
  4. Console in C:MoveToArea("BD2000")
  5. Console in C:ExploreArea()
  6. Ctrl+J to 3160.3160
  7. Talk to Crusader Sergeant (2,1,e,2,e,e,e)
  8. Attack the Crusader Sergeant
  9. Kill everyone in the Crusader camp
  10. Save bridge
  11. Have movie involving Bhaal and Cyric/ cutscene involving Hooded Man
  12. Console in C:MoveToArea("bd7230")
  13. Console in C:ExploreArea()
  14. Ctrl+J to 2220.490
  15. Talk to Keherrem (1,2,e)
  • Player gets Journal Entry STRREF 67302 but does not get Journal Entry STRREF 64443.
  • As per the MDD, the player should get STRREF 64443 and 67302 when passing through this dialog stream.

Internal report #21713

  • This could EASILY be a WNF and completely my misunderstanding of how the MDD is written. The note on 64443 says "Quest updates when scene ends by any means" which identifies to me that no matter how SDD301b plays out you should get STRREF 64443.
  • That said, 64443 and 67302 look redundant to me. It's unlikely that players need both STRREF Journal Entries, so if the "Either Or" case is intended it'd be best to update the comment on the MDD to indicate that 64443 is only given under circumstances where 67302 is NOT given.


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