Bug #23105

Neothelid creature animation should be refined

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  1. Start a new game with Abdel pregen and skip the intro.
  2. Go into your R:Record screen -> Reform Party and remove all party members except for Safana.
  3. Jump to BD7230 and Explore().
  4. Have Safana jump to the point x2900 y900 right inside the large room with a skull of Cyric on the floor. Note: do not use Abdel for this step in case your character fails his/her saving throw against the Domination effect.
  5. Wait for the Neothelid to appear, possibly dominating Safana if she fails her saving throw.
  6. Ctrl+Q the creature to have it join your party.
  7. Have the Neothelid attack Safana from different directions and continuously Ctrl+R her as she suffers damage.
  8. Have the Neothelid cast its poison breath to to stimulate casting graphics.
  9. Ctrl+Y the monster to view its death animation.
    Another way to more quickly reproduce issues with the animation is to C:Eval('ActionOverride("KHALID",Polymorph(12289))') after you have started the game and have Khalid execute different actions.
  1. Pressing TAB while the Neothelid is not visible reveals their location and injury status, like Ankhegs. Unlike Ankhegs, they do not show telltale antennas in the ground and thus the player has no way of seeing the location without pressing TAB.
  2. Neothelid attack animations do not work, the creature appears to stand still and twitch.
  3. Neothelid casting/conjure animations do not work, as above.
  4. During its death animation, the Neothelid collapses and then abruptly disappears without any visible corpse. This behavior is consistent with Ankheg death behavior - they do not have a corpse either.
  1. Pressing TAB while the Neothelid is hidden does not reveal their location.
  2. Neothelid attack animations are used, and the attack animation is in sync with damage being inflicted.
  3. Neothelid conjure/cast animations work.
  4. Neothelid corpse does not disappear when slain.

Internal report #17929

  • The lack of attack animations might have more to do with BDNEO1.itm and BDNEO2.itm not being assigned attack animations and the lack of animations for ranged attacks. I tested the latter by changing Khalid into a Neothelid and then having him use his bow. The monster BDNEOTHE.cre has a high number of attacks and the attack animation is not in sync when damage is inflicted.
  • In my opinion attack animations could be borrowed for the conjure/cast animations.

Neothelid_GraphicalArtifacts.jpg (222 KB) Robert "Galactygon" Rath, 04/10/2016 01:55 PM


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