Bug #23095

[ToB] Generated Druids should not be able to memorize more spells than they have slots available

Added by Richard Hilton almost 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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1. Start a new ToB game.
2. Generate a Druid with a Wisdom of 16.
3. At the 'Memorize Priest Spells', note the 'Spells Remaining' value of 7.
4. Click the '+' button next to Armor of Faith 8 times.

8 spells are shown as memorized and 'Spells Remaining' drops to -1.

It should not be possible to memorize more spells than the original amount shown.

Internal report #21974

The 'Next' button is disabled unless 'Spells Remaining' is 0 so a player has to make the correct selection, but showing a negative value is not ideal.
Happens with any wisdom value, repro case used 16 so the number of available spells would be 7.

Baldr039.jpg (190 KB) Richard Hilton, 03/27/2016 11:17 AM


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