Bug #23089

(Art) New status icon .bams should not appear displaced

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  1. Ensure that STATDESC.2da correctly references SPWI417D instead of SPWI417C by looking at entry 188 at the last column in DLTCEP or NI.
  2. Start a new game with Jade the bard pregen and skip the intro.
  3. Choose dialogue option 3 with Imoen.
  4. C:Eval('ActionOverride(Player1,ForceSpellRES("SPWI417",Myself))')
  5. Click on "R: Record" to open your character record screen and look at the status effects.
  1. The status icon for "Enchanted Weapon" appears at an offset slightly downwards relative to the text.
  2. The status icon for "Enchanted Weapon" is not visible in the portrait to the upper right.
  1. The status icon appears consistent relative to the text as shown by the status icons "Protection From Fire" and "Magic Resistance" in the screenshot.
  2. The status icon is visible in the character portrait.

Internal report #20716

The y-offset of the frame in the relevant -D.bam should be set to 13 (is 0). Note that all the frames in STATES2.bam and STATES2.bam have their (x,y) offsets set to (0,13). This should be applied to the rest of the new status icons SPPR150D.bam, SPPR750D.bam, and SPSH703D.bam

StatIcon-D.jpg (464 KB) Robert "Galactygon" Rath, 03/07/2016 03:39 PM


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