Bug #22750

Crommus and Carline should not be affected by Turn Undead

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1. Load the attached save.
2. C:SetGlobal("bd_menhir_plot","GLOBAL",6)
3. Wait for Crommus to appear.
4. If Crommus is destroyed, reload and try again.
5. Respond to Crommus (all 1's).

Carline and/or Crommus can be destroyed. If Crommus is destroyed and Carline survives, the game has to be force-closed.

Crommus and Carline should not be affected by Turn Undead.

Internal report #22752

  • If Crommus is destroyed before talking, the quest cannot be completed.
  • Game stays in cutscene for 60 seconds if Carline is destroyed but Crommus survives. Crommus walks away but then starts his dialogue.
  • Game stays in cutscene permanently if Crommus is destroyed but Carline survives. Game has to be force closed via task manager.
  • Reputation drops by 4 if Carline is chunked.
  • Reputation drops by 2 if Crommus is chunked.

Original report:
There might be two bugs here.

1. When the sixth Menhir is activated, Crommus appears. After choosing all of the "good" dialogue options (all of the top ones), he states that he is free and walks away. Carline's spirit does not appear and the game sort of freezes. The game is still running, but the cut scene does not end and the game is unresponsive. I tried selecting some of the second dialogue options and Crommus dies and the game resumes, but Carline's spirit does not appear, although I can continue the game after the cut scene.

2. The other issue is that my PC is a Priest of Lathander with the "Controlled Cleric" AI, so Turn Undead is constantly active. According to the dialogue box, the Turn Undead feature actually kills Crommus as he tries to walk away, and his lover's spirit does not appear. I reloaded and changed the AI so that Turn Undead would not be active, and Carline's spirit appeared and I was able to complete the quest and get the XP.

000000420-Turn Crommus.zip (93.8 KB) Richard Hilton, 04/14/2016 04:45 AM


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