Bug #22722

Neothelid Should Be Immune to Its Own Breath Weapon

Added by Mortianna the Gaunt over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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1. Start a new game with the Abdel pregen.
2. C:CreateCreature("bdneothe")
3. Force the Neothelid into the party (Ctrl/Q), booting Safana.
4. Have the Neothelid use it's breath weapon near itself (6 -> F7 -> F1 -> click near footcircle).

The Neothelid takes damage from its own poisonous breath weapon.

The Neothelid should be immune to its own breath weapon.

Internal report #22754

The item file for its immunity ring (BDNEOIMM) does not include its breath weapon (SPIN520) under the list of protections.

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Revised repro case to ensure a new creature was spawned.

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