Bug #22570

"A Farmer's Tales" journal entries should show in the journal

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  1. Load the attached save game.
  2. Speak to the nearby farmer until he says the lines "I've lost ten head of cattle in the last month alone! Gall-derned raiders must be gettin' into rustling I figure." (string 373) and "Those halfling fools sit not a day's travel from the Firewine Bridge ruins, and never pay it a second glance! Had I a stout blade and time from the farm, I'd sack it for all the treasure it's worth!" (string 388).
  3. Open the journal.


You have an empty A Farmer's Tales entry under Quests.


You have journal entries 27062 and 27064 under the Journal tab.



Journal entry 27062 is:

A Farmer's Tales
Bandits are stealing local cattle, according to one of the farmers.

Journal entry 27064 is:

A Farmer's Tales
According to a farmer we talked with, the Firewine Bridge ruin hides a lot of treasure.

Internal report #22995.

000000025-bug report save.zip (222 KB) Kimchi Tea, 04/07/2016 10:28 PM

screenshots.zip (1.98 MB) Kimchi Tea, 04/07/2016 10:28 PM

000005989-A Farmers Tales journal.zip (119 KB) Anders Svensson, 04/23/2016 09:11 AM

Screenshot from 2017-09-21 13-58-37.png (2.51 MB) Faalagorn ., 09/21/2017 09:21 AM


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Original report:
The quest "A Farner's Tales" in the journal has no attached text.

Several quests show "No Objective Text" as the heading where the date would normally be.

Savegame file and screenshots are attached.

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Similar errors apply to other quest entries that are inappropriately marked as quests rather than journal items, and are therefore not properly removed from the quest list at the completion of the related game events:

"A Hidden Base in the Cloakwood"

#5 Updated by Faalagorn . about 2 years ago

I was checking something on old 1.3.2053 version and it seems that under this version "A Farmer's Tales" appear as a journal entry instead of quests, and there it appears correctly.

It seems that it was changed somewhere during 2.0 update and that's what prevents it from appearing. Similar with "The bartender spoke of ogres and madmen to the west of Nashkel" that appears in 1.3 but not 2.0, see Bug #32484 for details.

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Fixed in version

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