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Imported dual class characters should have the correct hit points

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1. Load the attached save.
2. From the Options screen (O), click Gameplay.
3. Ensure 'Max HP on Level Up' is enabled, and click Done -> Return to Game.
4. From the Character sheet (R), click export and export the character.
5. Quit the game.
6. Start a new game, importing the newly-exported character.

The character has 39hp.

The character should have 91hp.

Internal report #22535

DualClass.xlsx - Possible way the buggy calculation occurs (9.27 KB) Peter Varfalvy, 04/07/2016 03:32 PM

900000155-91hp fighter thief.zip - BGEE save (75.8 KB) Richard Hilton, 04/07/2016 05:10 PM

999001228-SoA HP.zip - BGIIEE save (104 KB) Richard Hilton, 04/07/2016 05:21 PM


#1 Updated by Richard Hilton almost 4 years ago

Original report:
1. Set difficulty to “Normal” or lower in order to always roll max HP on level up.
2. Create (roll) a Human Fighter with at least 17 stats in Strength, Constitution, and Intelligence (to dual into Mage). Example roll (took over an hour): Str 18/47, Dex 12, Con 18, Int 18, Wis 17, Cha 10.
3. Play character as a straight fighter up till level 7, so max HP is now 98 (7x10 + 7x4). Over the course of this my character picked up some tomes (Constitution, etc.) so constitution was 19 and max HP was 105 = 7x10 + 7x5).
4. At this point, dual into Mage. Character still has max 98 HP (or 105 if Con raised to 19) .
5. Export character and quit game. The character still has max 98 HP (or 105 if Con raised to 19).
6. Restart game, start new game and import character.
7. BUG: Character now has only max 32 HP (or 39 if Con raised to 19).

The imported character loses all seven (7) of its Fighter hit point die, keeping only the bonus hit points for high constitution as a fighter (+4/level for Con 18 or +5/level for Con 19); the base HP is effectively reduced to 4 HP (1 hit point dice for 1 Mage level); 32 HP = 4 HP (1 Mage hit dice) + 4 HP/level (Bonus for Fighter of Con 18) x 7 Fighter levels; 39 HP = 4 HP (1 Mage hit dice) + 5 HP/level (Bonus for Fighter of Con 19) x 7 Fighter levels.

On Import, the imported dual-class character should either: 1) retain all original hit points or 2) retain all hit point die of initial class AND not gain any new class hit die except for new class levels surpassing initial class in level.

1. I've tested this Export/Import at various stages of my Fighter/mage dual character's progress. The attached Excel 2013 file summarizes what I believe is the mechanics behind the buggy recalculation of HP. The totals on the last line are the actual pre-Import and post-import HP values.
2. I've noticed that this also happens for the latest version of BG2:EE (for character file import).
3. However, importing into BG2:EE from a BG:EE save-game file instead of a character file does not cause this bug and the dual-class character retains all original hit points.
4. Latest version of BG:EE does not allow import from a save-game file. Perhaps a workaround would be to adapt the import character from save-game file feature for BG:EE as well.

Thanks for keeping a great game alive!

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