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Lieutentant Otilda does not appear after talking to Khalid in Bridgefort

Added by Tilly Underwood almost 4 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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1. Talk to Khalid in Bridgefort.
2. Exit Bridgefort.
3. Enter Troll Claw Woods.
4. Proceed to the SW corner.

Lieutentant Otilda does not appear to initiate conversation over attacking Bridgefort.

Lieutentant Otilda appears to initiate conversation over attacking Bridgefort.

Bug not experienced by bug reporter Tilly.

Bug reporter: fenrirwolfsborn
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#1 Updated by Richard Hilton almost 4 years ago

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Not able to reproduce this issue, would need a save to investigate further. It is possible that Otilda may have been killed or moved away, e.g. by a spawn ambush for example.

#2 Updated by Yaroslav Kalyuzhnyy almost 4 years ago

Original report reads as:

When ready to fight the crusaders at Boareskyr Bridge, going back to the Flaming Fist Camp to get their help, the person you are supposed to talk to is not there, so you cannot enlist Flaming Fist aid.

And then there's another post by the same player:

Is there a cheat code to create Duncan? He vanished from camp and can not be found so I cannot tell him to sound the attack.

So they're apparently assuming it is Bence you should be talking to, not Otilda/Corwin.

Nevertheless, I have seen numerous reports that Otilda doesn't have the attack option in dialog either. Which is a strange bug indeed.

#3 Updated by Jeff "Cerevant" Payne over 3 years ago

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#4 Updated by Mark Ramsden over 2 years ago

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