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[Mac, Steam] Wilderness Areas on the world map are in the wrong position

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It seems that some side areas on the world map have been shifted from their original positions. You can reproduce this strange behavior if you play the game with a shaman. See the attached screenshots for further details.

The area north the Friendly Arm Inn ( where you can recruit Ajantis ) is in a different position from where it should be.

The positions of the side areas on the world map should be the same even if I play with a shaman.

I'm playing the game in Italian, but I think the language has very little to do with this bug.!!

Internal Report #22065

File 02-04-16, 13 56 02.jpeg - wrong position (1010 KB) Luke 93, 04/02/2016 08:02 AM

File 02-04-16, 13 56 33.jpeg - correct position (1.04 MB) Luke 93, 04/02/2016 08:03 AM


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What a mess! This bug affects Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, not Icewind Dale! Please, move this discussion in the appropriate section.

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It seems this bug affects all classes and it's pretty annoying because I can't reach some specific locations. This bug must be shipped with the update to v.

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