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[SDD125c] You should get a journal entry after talking to Teleria

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  1. Load the attached save game.
  2. Talk to Teleria; select ( 1 > 4 > 1 > 3 > 1 )
  3. Open the journal.


You do not have journal entry 61724 in the journal.


You have journal entry 61724 in the journal.


Journal entry 61724 is:

The Vanished

I should restore the petrified statues, if I can, and then return to Herod at the refugee camp.

Teleria was so obsessed with her "art" that she was willing to sacrifice innocent lives. Now she has been stopped; the refugee camp is safe. I'll return to Herod and tell him what I've learned.

Internal report #22276.

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Original report:
If you decide to resolve the quest "The Vanished" non-violently after you enter the statue grove and speak with Teleria then it does not actually complete and remains open. Here is the dialogue path I am choosing:

Teleria: And here you are.
Charname: I'm here and I've my wits about me. These statues are too detailed to be carved. They're the refugees aren't they?
Teleria: They are my pride and my legacy. My display is not complete, though. With my assistant's help, I will add another piece to the gallery. YOU.
Charname: Wait a minute, let's talk about this. What if I could get you an even better subject?
Teleria: An interesting proposal. Let me ask you something first. Have you seen the stone menhirs scattered through the forest?
Charname: Yes I've noticed them.
Teleria: I didn't ask if you'd noticed them, I asked if you'd SEEN them. They were placed here centuries ago by a powerful wizard. Though he is long dead they stand as a testimony to his artistic genius.
Teleria: I want to create the same sort of legacy. Artipheon was a great wizard, a true inspiration. I would honor his memory with a tableau of petrified individuals.
Charname: Teleria I'm a wizard too and I've noticed a flaw in your plan. These statues will never last. They are too perfect, too detailed. Anyone who sees one will know they're petrified people. Someone WILL try to restore one of your subjects to the flesh.
Teleria: And once one person is reverted, the whole tableau is ruined. All that work lost. You-you're right. I must leave-take some time to think, consider other ways I might honor Artipheon.
Charname: Before you go, do you have a way to turn these people back to flesh?
Teleria: Here, take these scrolls. They'll return my beautiful statues to flawed flesh.
Teleria: Farewell.

After this she hands you 6 Stone to Flesh scrolls and walks away. However when she leaves or when you cure everybody the quest does not update. Your journal still says "I should go to the clearing to the west to meet Teleria." Speaking to the cured refugees or to Herod doesn't update the quest. This might only affect players who are playing Mages or Sorcerors due to the "I'm a wizard too" dialogue option, I'm not sure if other classes get the option to try to resolve the quest in the same manner.

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I've reported the issue with Herod's dialogue as #22279.

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