Bug #22177

Clicking on one Amulet Should not Select Multiple Amulets

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1. Load attached save
2. Go to Gem Bag in the inventory of the main character
3. Click on the identified Amulet of Protection

Both the identified and unidentified amulets are selected and cannot be de-selected.

Only items that are clicked on should be selected.

Internal report #22268

Selecting either amulet sees this behavior.
If the amulets are removed from the bag they can be selected individually.
If put back in the bag, both are selected when one is clicked.
This does not appear to be an issue when selecting the bagged amulets while in a store menu.

000000030-Amulet in Gem Bag Glitch.rar (220 KB) S Jensen, 04/01/2016 11:42 PM


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