Bug #22094

[Linux] Extreme far zoom level after alt+tab

Added by János Bara over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

Status:Closed - FixedStart date:03/30/2016
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1, Start the game from Linux Steam client
2, Start a new game or load any save
3, Press Alt+Tab
4, Restore the window clicking on its icon on the panel/launcher

Zoom level goes beyond the default max zoom level after alt tabbing on the main game screen. Also the map is not scrollable on all edge with mouse

Zoom level should stay the same before alt tabbing. Zoom level should not exceed max value. All edges should scroll the screen.

Related to Bug #20747

Xtreme_zoom_out_Ubuntu.png (1.93 MB) János Bara, 03/30/2016 02:27 PM


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