Bug #21900

Turning the mouse wheel over ground item slots should scroll the ground items

Added by Adam "Adul" Zsoldos almost 4 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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1. Load attached save file
2. Press I to open inventory
3. Hover the mouse cursor over a ground item slot
4. Scroll down with the mouse wheel

Nothing happens.

Scrolling the mouse wheel down should turn the ground item slots over to the next page.

Internal report #21968

InventoryGroundScrollingBug.zip (701 KB) Adam "Adul" Zsoldos, 03/25/2016 06:15 PM


#1 Updated by Nicholas Steel almost 4 years ago

Try dragging the side-bar slider a little and then try the mouse wheel. V1.3 has numerous scrollable UI's that can't be scrolled with the scroll wheel until you begin to scroll them via the side-bar (or drag the text upwards in the case of item descriptions). Ideally you shouldn't need to do this, hovering over the area should be enough to make the scroll wheel work.

Edit: Do you mean the quick loot bar?

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Fixed in build v2.5.15.0

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