Bug #21716

Deletion of Baldur.lua prevents "Continue" button from working, even after using the Load Game Menu at least once

Added by Nicholas Steel over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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1) Make a couple save game files
2) quit the game
3) Delete baldur.lua in the games My Documents directory
4) Start the game and click Baldur's Gate

Continue button to function and load the newest save game file.

Continue button ceases functioning until I begin a New Game (Which creates an Auto Save) or create a new Save Game after loading an existing Save Game.


#1 Updated by Jamie Beadle over 3 years ago

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This is expected and working as designed. The 'Continue' button relies on the game making a save and storing that save game name. For example, that last save game name should appear in the LUA file as something similar to this: SetPrivateProfileString('Game Options','Last Save SOA','000000001-Quick-Save')

#2 Updated by Nicholas Steel over 3 years ago

Well could the function be updated to add the name of the previously loaded game file if none exist in the configuration file? Or better yet, search the Save Folder for existing files and use the one with the newest Time Stamp?

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