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[Windows 8.1 Steam] Customize Script with Advanced AI, Attack Enemies, Prefer Ranged Weapons. Should move to continue attacking Enemies instead of standing Idle.

Added by Brad L over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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1. Load the attached save.
2. Check that Party AI is set to ON.
3. Check to make sure Imoen and Dynaheirs Advanced AI is set to only Attack Enemies;Prefer Ranged Weapons.
4. Use C:CreateCreature("wolf") to spawn enemies around the main group of fighters. Keeping in mind the wolf will spawn center of the screen.
5. Keep spawning more wolfs as they die, each time making it slightly further away from Imoen and Dynaheir.
6. Without moving them observe the AI Controlled Ranged Units Imoen and Dynaheir.

NPCs with Advanced AI, Attack Enemies, Prefer Ranged Weapons. Will not move a short distance closer to enemies in order to attack and defend there ally instead choosing to stand idle.

Ranged AI controlled NPCs should move a short distance closer in order to be in range of their next attack and continue attacking enemies.

-Not tested in BG2:EE but assumed to do the same thing.
-If the enemy the ranged AI is attacking dies and there are no enemies within close proximity. The AI NPC stands idle.
-I don't expect them to rush a huge distance across the battlefield but they should have a larger "awareness" area and move that one extra step to be in range of there next target.
-You are able to manually re-click a new target to make the NPCs move closer. However as the AI scripts are used to reduce micromanagement the current implementation forces the player to actually micromanage more defeating the purpose of the Advanced AI in some regard.
-We either need an extra option in the Advanced AI settings such as "move into range of enemies" in which case it may be a feature request. Otherwise as may be the case I think the AI in general should move closer if its only a few short steps away from the next enemy.

Image Information:
-The 'Attack Zone" is actually slightly closer but I am just using the image to show a example as to how it currently works.
-You can see the line of dead wolfs the ranged units participated in attacking until they other wolfs are just out of that range at which point you can notice the idle Ranged units.

Ranged AI Idle Zone.jpg (220 KB) Brad L, 03/21/2016 02:55 AM

000000063-Ranged AI Test Save.zip (369 KB) Brad L, 03/21/2016 02:55 AM

Ranged AI Idle Example 2.jpg (367 KB) Brad L, 03/21/2016 02:55 AM


#1 Updated by Nicholas Steel over 3 years ago

This was my biggest issue with Imoen in v1.3 Enhanced Edition, she'd often idle because she intentionally walks to the maximum range from the enemy before beginning to attack and when that enemy moves away or is killed, she's not in range of the other enemies and just goes idle,. If she didn't intentionally move to her maximum range it wouldn't be so much of an issue... (I am unsure but Imoen's attack range might be equal to her sight range)

They could make it so ranged characters will share vision with melee characters that they see are under attack when it comes to seeking out enemies to kill?

#2 Updated by Anders Svensson over 3 years ago

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Moving this to a feature request for now.

#3 Updated by Jeff "Cerevant" Payne over 3 years ago

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