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[Windows] Black borders on side of area maps should not be present

Added by Keith Huber over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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1. Start a new game with any character
2. Scroll to edge of map (west)


A large black border covers almost half the screen


No black border should be present.


Black border severely detracts from game immersion, especially during area transitions. When initiating dialogue, or if camera is centered on a party member when at edge of screen, half the screen is black.

Please remove or reduce in size to minimal size necessary (no more than an inch).

Alternately, please move any edge-of-the-map signs that were being cut-off, making the black borders unnecessary.

Internal Issue #23060


#1 Updated by Thomas Hood over 3 years ago

This is by design. The user interface used to cover several locations(such as the south border of maps). They attempted to make it dock with the UI but it never quite worked correctly. This way is far smoother.

#2 Updated by Constantine Dergachev over 3 years ago

This is a bad design choice which is really brokes my game expirience.

#3 Updated by Radical Ted over 3 years ago

I understand why this was introduced but it's pretty ridiculous to be able to move the map borders into the center of the screen. Surely that much isn't necessary. It would look much better to remove most of this visible blank space.

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