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CADER09.WAV should play correctly

Added by Sam Schmitz over 3 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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1. Start a new BG:EE game
2. Open the console and type C:PlaySound("cader09") and press Enter

A click sound is heard.

CADER09.WAV should be played and the full sound heard.

The ACM header in the original CADER09.WAV from ToSC was corrupt, and was not corrected before being converted to the OGG format.
For your convenience, I have attached a ZIP file with the corrected original WAVC, the corrected file converted to a proper WAVE file, and the corrected file converted to OGG for use in the EEs. The file extension still needs to be changed to WAV.

The sound is used as the DYING sound for Bentan, Cadderly, and Entillis Fulsom.

Internal report #31265.

CADER09.zip - contains corrected files (80.6 KB) Sam Schmitz, 03/10/2016 06:42 PM


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If it's not currently used we can look at it at a later date. If it is used please add the in-game scenarios which it would affect.

For reference, it looks like Cadderly, Entillis and Bentan may use it but I had a quick test and couldn't activate it.

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Fixed in version

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