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Display disabled character options during character creation

Added by Adam "Adul" Zsoldos almost 4 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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One feature in the 2.0 patch removed unusable options from being displayed during character creation. For example, this means that if you choose the Elf race, you won't see the Paladin class in the class list. Or if you create a Paladin character, the only alignment in the alignment list will be Lawful Good.

On a surface level it may seem like this change improves usability, but I think it is very wrong-headed. It removes options that you can't choose from the list and gives the false impression that the game has less options for character variation than it actually does.

Imagine being a new player who is unfamiliar with the game rules, creating your first character, and choosing the Halfling race. You'd probably think the game only had four total classes (one of which is a multiclass combination).

Not to mention finding the Dwarven Defender kit really could only happen by accident, if you didn't know beforehand that it had existed.

And even I, as a veteran player, like to see what options I have excluded with my previous choices.

For these reasons, I think disabled options should be visible during character creation, and the player should also be able to check their descriptions even while they're disabled. Currently the missing character options include classes, kits, alignments, weapon proficiencies, and spells restricted by spell school. All of these should be displayed, even if the player cannot choose them.


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This feature request comes up quite often, the latest one is https://www.reddit.com/r/baldursgate/comments/74aihy/minor_character_creation_gripe/

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Another similar request:

Add text to the Race select descriptions to describe Class restrictions.

Reason: In order to learn that I could not make an Elven Bard, I needed to refer to an external Wiki. I found the experience frustrating, and am concerned that it may be frustrating to other new players as well.


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