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BGEE UI text should be translated in other languages

Added by Giuseppe "Aedan" Calì almost 4 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Internal report: #20094

  1. Start BGEE
  2. Press Baldur's Gate - > Options -> Languages
  3. Select "Italian"
  4. Click "Done"
  5. Click "Back"
  6. Click "Back"
  7. Click "Quit Game"
  8. Start the game again
  9. Create a new character


The text seen in the menu is English despite French having been selected. If you create a new character however it will show french text for any text involving a string reference (see screenshot).


When a non-English language is selected the menu text should be in that language after restarting the game.


#1 Updated by Giuseppe "Aedan" Calì almost 4 years ago

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EDIT: I loaded a save game and it turned out the texts are available in my language, but UI texts are just in English. This is very confusing and bad. We can translate the UI strings very quickly if provided.

#2 Updated by Piotr "Cahir" Wiankowski almost 4 years ago

I concur with Aedan, not translated GUI would look bad in all languages. I can translate these strings quickly too, if provided.
Please find a way to make it happen. Thanks.

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#4 Updated by Giuseppe "Aedan" Calì almost 4 years ago

This is fixed now. UI strings can be translated. Brazilian Portoguese, Czech, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Spanish and Ukrainan translations are ready.

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Working in version

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